Extreme Film Production


The projects that we are currently implementing and which we are preparing

Feature length documentary series
"Okinawa Karate Masters"
(series pilot)

"Okinawa Karate Masters - Tetsuhiro Hokama Sensei"

The story is about one of the best Martial Arts teachers - Tetsuhiro Hokama Sensei. We would like to take you to Okinawa, to tell you about his live, passions, to tell about happy and sad moments in his life. When I have first met him at Okinawa, I have not expected that I will find so amazing man and than imeditely thought in my mind why I have not heard about him and than... I have to present him to wide world and in this situation no better way than documentary film. It is so much to show and tell about him. He can be a perfect example for others how to find perfection and happines. He travell around the world to teach karate but also to give some advice about life, passions, and hard work which averyone need to find a succesful life but also he tells that we need enjoy every happy moments in life even if the are not long enough. We have experienced filmmakers who at every stage of production guarantee the highest level work and creativity. Now I'm only not lucky enough to get the right money to start and than to finished film production.

April 2019 - Okinawa shoots begins, we intend to start pre-production right away
August 2019 - completing all the post production by end of August 2019
September 2019 - Final draft completed and Okinawa premiere (Jubilee Seminar Hokama Sensei 75th birthday, excelent opportunity for the film presentation)
The time for this project is perfect, but to get a success with this production we have to think about wide public support.
There are some important points which will help us:
1. Tetsuhiro Hokama Sensei is very a interesting person (2019th is his 75 birthday, anniversary and also more than 60 years devoted to karate)
2. Professional crew, best idea and project management, very good insight on the topic and production place.
3. Around the world lot of people love and study karate.
4. The dream of many players, coaches, activists, and enthusiasts come true The 2020th Karate is included to the Olympic program in Japan!

The people support will be used mainly to move to the production stage where we will work for 10 weeks covering: food, lodging, travel expenses and transportation, as well as to design the image and legal record of the film. The distance between home (London and Okinawa) is huge, it's 6200 miles (almost 10 000km)

Allocation of funds.

  • Filming: 20 - 45%
  • Crew costs (transport, accommodation, meals, etc.): 25-40%
  • Local fees and set space rental: 5-25%
  • Post-production: 30-40%
  • Soundtrack / Sound design: 10-25%li>

  • Documentary project -
    "Japan - the artistic fascinations"

    (more information - soon)